Gay Realtor Rhode Island Top Cities

A LGBT buyer in real estate has plenty of options when looking into Rhode Island according to gay realtor Rhode Island. Although the area and population is small, a buyer shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that Rhode Island can’t offer what they are looking for in a home.

Rhode Island\'s official nickname is \"The Ocean State,\" a reference to the State\'s geography due to the fact that Rhode Island has several spectacular bays and inlets. Rhode Island is a generally open community and very friendly, so it would be hard to find an area where a LGBT buyer would feel unwelcome. However, the best and most gay friendly place to look for real estate in Rhode Island is Providence. A higher population, Providence offers many gay bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms and spas to make any resident feel welcome and happy with their decision to buy.

Gay realtor Rhode Island reports Providence offers many gay welcoming bars to the gay-lesbian community. Included in this is the Dark Lady, which was voted the best bar in Rhode Island. There’s also the Mira Bar that is also extremely popular. There are many clubs such as Club X and Club Gallery that have nights specifically for transgender, lesbians (known as Girl Nights), and gay men. A newer bar called the Glo Bar is rapidly gaining popularity for its unique lighting and style. All of these bars can be found in downtown providence, along with a variety of apartments and condominiums, and if the buyer is willing to drive a distance a nice single family house is available. One factor to keep in mind is that real estate in Rhode Island in general is a little pricey- but definitely a great and secure investment.

As a resident of Providence, there are many other things to accommodate the LGBT community. There are many restaurants, wonderful shopping and hotels for those inevitable guests. There’s the CAV restaurant that creates a dramatic atmosphere for its diners and is very highly rated. The Blue Grotto is a great Italian restaurant and the Chiantis provide an affordable dating aura for date nights. Additionally the outdoor recreation is abundant and amazing from wind surfing and sailing to hiking, biking and yoga.

When having friends over, the Renaissance Hotel has gotten great reviews and an amazing artsy environment. Gay realtor Rhode Island tells us the classic Hotel Providence is very open to the gay community also for any buyer who might want to stay a few days to get a feel for the area.

On top of all these wonderful aspects of Providence, Rhode Island, the gay gyms and spas are not to be left out. A gay gym can be an essential asset to a resident, and spas are a must for the stressful days. The Village Health Company can be used for both of these, and welcomes new gay members with smiles.

Rhode Island may overall be a small community, but it offers many opportunities and friendly atmospheres for the gay buyer according to gay realtor Rhode Island. Rhode Island is bordered by Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and shares a water boundary with New York\'s Long Island to the SW.