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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is one of the cities that has recently been put in the media by its quote on quote “facelift” of the city according to gay realtor Pittsburgh ~ this means that Pittsburgh is considered to have a much friendlier gay and lesbian attitude. Both individuals themselves and organizations that weigh in on the subject have been part of this remarkable social renaissance (beginning in the last decade).

Because of this, Pittsburgh has attracted a lot of global investment. This has caused the “City of Steel” to undergo a revolutionary change making it one of the more aesthetically pleasing cities in the country.

Gay realtor Pittsburgh reports two of the more popular neighborhoods that are considered to be LGBT friendly are Shadyside and Squirrel Hill. However, most of the east end neighborhoods, which contain “more educated” people, are more accepting of all diverse lifestyles.

In the Pittsburgh area there is a growing number of bars, restaurants, outdoor activities and shopping that that offer excellent opportunities to live a full rich life. It is said that the downtown nightlife is great to get out and experience as well.

"On all counts, the Steel City's transformation over the past long concluded, this western Pennsylvania city changed jobs and reclaimed major assets: a natural setting that rivals Lisbon and San Francisco, a wealth of fine art and architecture, and a quirky sense of humor," writes the National Geographic Traveler.

Pittsburgh is now on the map for being an LBGT friendly city, which offers hospitality and gay realtor Pittsburgh that will cater to your specific budget and housing needs and desires. All of these realtors are available to any individual with a quick search on

Pittsburgh is beautiful city and is paving the way to a new found acceptance and celebration of LBGT communities.

Whether you are purchasing a starter home of a multimillion-dollar mansion, the goal of gay realtor Pittsburgh is to treat all of their with professional expertise and equality.

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