Gay Realtor Philadelphia on Homes With a Bad Layout

Whether you are buying or selling a home gay realtor Philadelphia warns you about the home with the “bad layout.” Either this type of home can make your life miserable just simply because it’s eccentric little crooks and crannies are so awkward or you find you cannot rent it out as a property because it has some kind of flaw in the basic design.

If you are a property investor gay realtor Philadelphia does note that you can renovate a badly laid out home. This, in fact, is the way to fix and flip a property. Many badly laid out homes that are dark, narrow or badly designed in the first place can be nicely renovated into studios and sunny homes. Expanding the windows glass, adding new wiring and replacing bad pipes in Philadelphia’s many Victorian style homes with bad layouts can also help make them more desirable for renters or new buyers. Gay realtor Philadelphia has noted that homes with terrible layouts can be had for much cheaper than other homes simply because the current home owner has trouble renting or selling them. With just a few of the right touches, however, these homes can be a real money maker.

The reason that so many Victorian homes in Philidelphia are in such rough shape is because they were shut down during the Great Depression and turned into rooming houses. Many single family homes now hold ten, fifteen or even more residences in just one building. Many glamorous brownstones or Greek Revival style buildings had large three bedrooms that were turned into bachelor apartments.

A bad layout is one that does not let light in because the home itself is so narrow.  The property feels depressing, dank and archaic. These properties are ideal for turning into loft properties that are completely open inside. If you add sliding glass doors that open up into a walled courtyard then you have a wonderful place with a garden patio.

Vintage homes in this older American city also can have paved over front lawns and walls full of asbestos and fiberglass insulation materials. These measures were put in by landlords in the last century to make room for more car parking and also to survive the energy crisis during the era of Ronald Reagan. These types of buildings will need this type of insulation removed.  A very expensive type of insulation to remove from an older home is foam insulation. If you are investing in a property with this type of toxic material then keep in mind that you may have to spend a great deal of money to make sure the home is abated of any asbestos and is non-toxic.

Gay realtor Philadelphia points out that there are many areas in Philadelphia that are in the process of gentrification and that many heritage buildings are being integrated with shiny glass condos and highly energy efficient town homes.  Some buildings that are renovated are even more beautiful than before they were bought as there are many property owners with integrity in the city trying to bring back a historic sense to the downtown.

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