Portland’s 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Portland Gay Friendly Neighborhoods

Portland is a gorgeous city located in Oregon.  Many people love its climate, which has warm summers and fairly cool but not frigid winters.  The climate is perfect for growing roses, giving the city its nickname of the City of Roses.  It’s also home to a large LGBT population and has even had an openly gay mayor. As such, there aren’t many specific gay neighborhoods since the entire city is very welcoming.

However, there are some areas that have historically been home to the LGBT population of the city.  One of these is the Northwest area of Portland.  It’s been compared to some of the neighborhoods of San Francisco.  It’s a trendy, upscale area.  Condos in the Northwest neighborhood run from $125,000 to $1.75 million.  A single family home can be as low as $155,000 or as much as $1.65 million.

The Hollywood District of Portland features a number of antique shops, convention centers, coffee shops, and more.  It’s a diverse, Bohemian area that rarely has available real estate because few people want to leave.  However, when they’re available, Condos are often around $359,000.  Single family homes are usually priced around $599,000.

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