Mortgage Lenders in Portland

The housing bust put a lot of mortgage lenders out of business ~ 900 lenders made mortgage loans in the Portland area in 2006, today that's down to less than 600. The loss of hundreds of mortgage lenders worked out well for established banks with strong balance sheets.

Wells Fargo alone now accounts for 21 percent of residential mortgages in Portland, up from 8 percent before the crash. Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase have also picked up market share.

The data comes from Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reports filed by banks with the federal government. The data was made available to the Business Journal by Arlington, VA based, which has made a searchable databsase of the federal data.

Source: Matthew Kish Business Journal staff writer - Portland Business Journal ~ Gay Realtors Portland bringing our LGBT community the top residential real estate stories coast-to-coast, and in your neighborhood!

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