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Tulsa Gay Neighborhoods

Oklahoma is known for being a fairly conservative state, but Tulsa is actually fairly liberal, diverse, and welcoming.  The second largest city in the state, Tulsa has its share of gay bars and pride events.  The lawsuit that started the battle for same-sex marriage in Oklahoma began in Tulsa.

If you’re considering a move to Tulsa and want to live near other LGBT people, there are a couple of neighborhoods for you to consider.  The first is Brady Heights.  This is the major gay district of Tulsa.  It’s an historic area that’s located north of the downtown area.  Access to restaurants, entertainment, and more is just a few minutes away.  Condos in Brady Heights are hard to find, and few single family homes come up for sale.  Most people who move into the area stay there, although when a house is available, it often starts at around $120,000.

The other gay neighborhood in Tulsa is Florence Park.  This midtown area has a lot of older homes and is close to a number of small shops, restaurants, and a couple of grocery stores.  Like in Brady Heights, there aren’t many condos available in the area.  Single-family homes start out at $145,000 and run up to $200,000.

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