Oklahoma City Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Oklahoma City Gay Neighborhoods

While it’s located in the heart of the Bible Belt and almost always votes conservatively, Oklahoma does have its small LGBT communities.  For Oklahoma City, this area is the gay strip (located on NW 39th Street and Penn) and Mesta Park.  Mesta Park is one of the older historic neighborhoods located north of downtown Oklahoma City.

Mesta Park is a gorgeous area with many trees, parks, and small shops.  It’s located at a very interesting cross section of the city—downtown to the south, the Asian District to the north, the gay strip to the northwest, and the Oklahoma City University area to the west.  Because the university population is made up of many international and LGBT students, Mesta Park has a very unique population.  This diversity along with its location and its affordable pricing makes it the perfect place for LGBT couples.

Because the area is made up of older homes that have been taken care of, there aren’t any condos.  Single family homes start out at around $175,000 and can be as high as $450,000.  These more expensive homes are usually the ones that border Heritage Hills, an adjacent neighborhood with much larger and more expensive homes.

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