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If you are investing in property or buying a home, gay realtor Cleveland wants you to know that there are many amazing friendly and trendy neighborhoods that have affordable real estate.  These charming neighborhoods range from being counter-culture to historic, to up and coming. Many neighborhoods in Cleveland offer excellent possibilities for investment.

One of the hottest areas is Coventry Village which features a big music club, many street festivals, and many restaurants and cafes featuring ethnic cuisines. This is also the bohemian area of the city that features off-beat record and book stores as well as a lot of counter-culture atmosphere. It was one of the hippest areas to live in during the sixties and seventies and gay realtor Cleveland detects that it is becoming that way again.

Like many cities Cincinnati also has its own Little Italy but in the opinion of gay realtor Cleveland, the one in the Murray Hill area is the best. This wonderful area has many rehabbed homes plus many fantastic markets and restaurants ~ the community is also very tight knit and very safe.

The city also has its own China town which is a mix of artist lofts and galleries with Chinese restaurants and shops. If you are looking for a repurposed loft to buy, then this is a good place to search. It is a great place to live if you like shopping for inexpensive Asian goods and enjoy the best Asian food.

If you like home cooking and going to the markets to shop, then you might want to live in Ohio City which is just west of downtown Cleveland. The neighborhood is marked by a huge, renovated clock tower under which there is a market with 180 booths selling produce, meats and other goodies. It is also an area with many Victorian style homes that have been thoroughly renovated.

If you like movies and antiques then the Shaker Heights area will probably interest you a great deal. It has an amazing café society complete with numerous galleries and antique stores. It is also home to many restaurants and you can easily get anywhere in town because it is located on two light-rail Rapid Transit lines.

A more historic area is Tremont. This is a hidden trendy spot for dining that is full of more well-off artists and urban professionals. It is very near Lincoln Park and studded with upscale bars and restaurants. Lincoln Park is a huge green space that helps the air in this part of the city stay healthy and fresh. It is also the ideal spot for pet owners to live in.

If you like living near high culture than University Circle is a great neighbourhood. It can claim that it has more museums within one square mile than anywhere else in the world! Museums include the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Cleveland Botanical Garden and Severance Hall. In fact, gay realtor Cleveland is quite sure that there is no better place in the world to live if you truly want to live in the middle of a culture lover’s paradise.

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