Gay Realtor Cincinnati Home and Renter Insurance

Even though this is a civilized and gorgeous town with many amenities gay realtor Cincinnati advises both home owners and renters to get insurance.  First of all you cannot buy a home without adequate insurance ~ it is part of the monthly payment cost of buying a house.

Gay realtor Cincinnati would also like to warn renters that their landlord’s insurance will likely not cover you in the event of any kind of major or minor disaster. This is why it is absolutely necessary for you to take care of your own interests and take the time to build the plan that suits you best.

Make sure that you compare prices as you go. This is easy enough if you compare insurance quotes from online brokers.  These sites can instantly tell you what the cost of the plan and offer comparisons to other companies.  An insurance broker will help you get the lowest price possible for your homeowners or renter’s insurance, plus suggest riders to cover extra things you might own, like recording equipment, art, cameras, antiques or jewelry.  Of course, it is best to keep items that are gold, worth $1500 an ounce, in a bank vault these days.  If you do not you will be paying a high insurance rider to keep it in your apartment.

Here is some more advice that gay realtor Cincinnati has for tenants. There is no law stating that tenants have to have insurance, but is good to have in place because it can help you rent an apartment.  If you rent from an apartment management firm many of them make it a policy to not rent to applicants who do not have tenant’s insurance in place. If you are a landlord you can also stipulate right to the lease that having renter’s insurance is part of your requirements for tenants to sign a lease.

How much you will spend on insurance a month all depends the limits you require, additional items you’d like insured and how large the deductible might be. The cost of the insurance can also depend on your property location i.e. flood zone, or higher risk neighborhood. Most basic plans have coverage for fire, robbery and liability, meaning that if someone slips in your home you are not responsible.

Here is more valuable advice for renters from gay realtor Cincinnati ~ it is a mistake to think that if you have a roommate with insurance, for fire, flood and theft, that you are covered as well. That only covers his or her losses and not yours.  Your best course of action is to take care of your own interests when it comes to insurance.

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