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The port city of Wilmington is located on the coast of southeastern North Carolina. As of 2010, the population of Wilmington was 106,476 and it is considered the eighth most populated city in the state of North Carolina. The climate in the area is considered to be a humid sub tropical. The winters are considered mild and very rarely see snowfall. Spring is the longest season and temperatures generally range from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer is very humid and temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The tropical weather makes this city a great destination for beach lovers and the open mindedness of the community makes this city one of the top gay destinations of the country according to gay realtor Wilmington.

The city of Wilmington is not only a popular gay vacation spot, but also contains the largest per capita gay population in the whole State of North Carolina. The city is home to the first Lesbian and Gay community center in the State. Wilmington is responsible for sending the first openly gay woman to the North Carolina Senate. It also offers a gay district which is located along Castle Street in Downtown Wilmington.

Wilmington is unique in that it gives gay people a feeling of small town camaraderie. Gay realtor Wilmington reports residents of Wilmington are generally considered to be open minded artistic individuals and if a gay person decides to make their home in Wilmington, the last thing they would have to worry about is receiving harassment from the community due to their sexual orientation.

Members of the LGBT community that choose to make their home in Wilmington have a great number of community resources available to them. Some examples include the Wilmington Transgender group and the Coastal North Carolina Lesbians organization.  North Carolina pride is North Carolina’s annual gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender celebration that is held in Durham, NC which is only 2 hours away from Wilmington. North Carolina Pride has occurred every year for the past 28 years and consists of a full range of sponsors and volunteers that support gay rights.

Wilmington. NC is a great choice for gays that are looking for an accepting community with a lot of great gay resources. Gay realtor Wilmington is happy to provide a free relocation kit to those individuals and couples looking to move here.