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Raleigh is the Capital city of North, Carolina. Its progressive attitude towards gays stems from the fact that the general community is well educated and loves culture. The city is home to NC State University, the University of North Carolina, Duke University, NC Central University and several other colleges in the area. There is no specific "gayborhood" because for the most part LGBT individuals have been assimilated into the community.

Raleigh has a very clean and organized feel to it with many new condos, restaurants and museums in its core;  this is partly due to the fact that it was a planned city in 1788.  It is also conveniently centrally located half-way between Atlantic Beach on the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Smoky Mountains. 

There are several beautiful neighborhoods to live in Raleigh with one of the most historic and affordable being Boylan Heights.  This residential area is located just minutes from downtown area has a great view of the historic Raleigh skyline.  The area boasts 123 fine restaurants with some of the most popular gay-owned restaurants being Caffe Luna, Sono and the Busy Bee Cafe.  The shopping in Boylan Heights is also exemplary with antique stores, galleries, vintage and high-end furniture stores.

Most of the gay bars in Raleigh are also located in Boylan Heights. Some of the most popular hangouts are the Slims Downtown Distillery, Kings Barcade and The Lincoln Theater.  The community also has many fantastic events such as National Night Out where your neighbors stop by your house and bring you ice cream and their Artwalk in which artists open up their studios to the public and galleries take over the sidewalks with exhibitions.

The downtown is called both “Old Raleigh” and “Inside the Beltline.” It is home to many old hotels such as the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel and the business district.  This is also where you will find several museums including the North Caroline Museum of Natural Sciences, the North Carolina Museum of History and the Raleigh City Museum.  It is expensive to live in this area, which has stunning old Victorian homes particular in the areas of Fayetteville Street and Glenwood South.

West Raleigh lies along Hillsborough Street and Western Boulevard. This gay-friendly area is home to North Carolina State University, Meredith College, and the North Carolina Museum of Art.  However, you do need a car to live here if you want to get around town.

An up and coming neighborhood is North Raleigh, which is a diverse, artsy suburban area with large subdivisions of older homes that are renovated. However there is very little café society in this area; there are mostly strip malls and large new shopping centers.

For the best advice about where to live it is a good idea to consult with a gay Raleigh realtor who can help you find the property that is best for your situation. For more information about the city in general visit www.raleigh.com.

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