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According to Gay Realtor Raleigh both Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina are cities with plenty of opportunities and neighborhoods that would be considered gay friendly. These are two great places only thirty minutes apart with easy access to the airport for business and personal travel. Your realtor should be able to help you find plenty of places where you would feel right at home.

Downtown Durham has undergone a major makeover with the building of a new performing arts center which hosts a variety of Broadway shows, musical artists, comedians, and so on. New restaurants have opened up all around the downtown area and new housing has been created by renovating old tobacco company’s headquarters – very modern and chic according to Gay Realtor Raleigh. Condominiums and apartments are available with easy access to Duke University, 9th Street (more shopping and dining). Downtown Durham has made a concerted effort to create a welcome, entertaining space for people who appreciate good food and the arts. Durham is also not far from Chapel Hill, which is also a really beautiful University town. Another area worth considering is Hope Valley, which has a country club and golf course, if that’s your thing. Around Northgate Mall, on Club Blvd are many older homes (many nicely restored) with wonderful streets and sidewalks.

Raleigh is home to North Carolina State University, and around the university and downtown there is plenty to see and do; Downtown Raleigh has nice housing from historic homes to condos, and Gay Realtor Raleigh reports downtown is where you will find the LGBT Center of Raleigh. Additionally, you’ll find great museums, an IMAX theater, restaurants, and shopping. Within the downtown area there are the neighborhoods of Five Points, Boylan Heights, and Oakwood. Glenwood Avenue is a great option with many renovated homes, apartments, and condos available.

Both the Raleigh and Durham downtowns are your best bet for gay-friendly areas with artistic, academic citizens, plus excellent options for food, shopping, and entertainment. There are also plenty of options for nature lovers, such as Duke Forest, Eno River, Pullen Park, and Lake Johnson parks. The State Fair Grounds hosts a flea market every week, which allows you to enjoy the outdoors, shop for antiques and get to know local artists, and partake in great food.

Gay Realtor Raleigh states both Raleigh and Durham are modern, friendly cities. While they may not be big enough to have specific predominantly gay areas or neighborhoods, most gays and lesbians would feel at home almost anywhere they choose to live within the triangle area.

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