Gay Real Estate Charlotte On Buying Abandoned Houses

Gay real estate Charlotte has seen many property investors fix and flip and successfully rent out abandoned houses that were up for foreclosure. One way to locate these homes is to simply drive around and look for them in depressed areas of time ~ usually a drive around the city will reveal more than couple of these rundown abandoned homes.

Gay real estate Charlotte has noted that most abandoned homes have a few common characteristics. Usually the lawn and garden is overgrown. There are usually heaps of old mail, catalogues or flyers on the front door.  There may even be wood panels on the windows. However be aware ~ some people in foreclosure do not bother to pick up their mail and just let everything go even though they are still occupying the home.

Also if you are in a rough area of town it is a good idea for two of you to approach the door. People go into foreclosure for many reasons nowadays and may fear answering the door in case it is the sheriff or the bailiff. Do not be surprised if you do not get an answer at the door if the home is in a distressed neighborhood.

If you are not sure whether or not the house is abandoned contact gay real estate Charlotte and they will assist in tracking down the homeowner information, and do an O&E to check the status of the loan and ownership. Another thing you can do is slip a flyer or card through the door asking if there is any interest in selling the house.

There are a couple of ways of finding out who owns the house. You can go to your city records and ask and sometimes you can even find a name attached to an address in a Google search online. Sometimes all you need to do is look at the name on the abandoned pieces of mail at the front door.

One caveat about offering to fix this type of problem through a purchase is trying to buy the house fast enough. It helps to have a top notch Charlotte gay realtor who can put together offers quickly for you. You never know the status; some people might be facing foreclosure in less than two days and need a contract to sell in a hurry. If you cannot get them signed fast so the sale can be pushed through then you may be left to powerlessly watch the bank foreclose on the home and eventually bid against other investors at a public sale weeks or years down the road.

Once you locate the owner you usually discover that the home is indeed in foreclosure. In this case you then have your gay realtor approach the owner and inform them that you will buy the home for the payoff of the mortgage. Gay real estate Charlotte has seen this work out well because many homeowners would much rather sell then see a bank get their home. The owners of the abandoned place usually accept the lowest offer it takes to save the home because then the foreclosure does not affect their credit.

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