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Gay realtors Asheville can recommend many wonderful neighborhoods to buy and live in. This urban metropolis is known for it’s progressive attitudes and fresh mountain air.  It is a very friendly city with most neighborhoods putting a lot of emphasis on creating community.  Much of the architecture in Asheville, Carolina is an attractive mix of both contemporary and gay realtors Asheville has noted that there are many historical homes, renovated and not, in the area.  Victorian, Arts and Crafts and mid-century mix with newer condos and hip green homes in many parts of the city.

The general advice that gay realtors Asheville will give members of the LGBT community is to stay away from the suburbs and stick as close as possible to the downtown core. That is where you are most likely to feel the Bohemian vibe. The suburbs and mountains can be a little less receptive to alternative lifestyles. Many LGBT citizens in Asheville refer to the outskirts of town as the Bankers and Baptists area.

The gayest friendly areas are downtown Raleigh, downtown Durham and Chapel Hill. Raleigh even has it’s very own LGBT community center.  You can learn a lot abut the main publication in the area, which is called The Triangle and subtly refers to the LGBT friendly neighborhoods that make up this gay-friendly part of the downtown.  This part of the city is also considered to be very “artsy.” There are many wonderful galleries, boutiques and cafes in the area.   Yet another plus is that the three main gay neighborhoods are just a short twenty-minute drive away from parks, trails and beautiful views. The city is known for skiing, hiking and hunting.  If you like an active lifestyle then you will love living in Asheville.

The drawback is that like in most places the closer you live to downtown the more expensive it will likely be. The properties might also be likely to be renovated as nicely as the ones in the suburbs.  The West end of the city is considered to be more up-and-coming and artier than the rest.

Economically all of this town is booming and it is considered to be a good place to invest in for the future. That is because it is urbane, pretty and sophisticated without the strip malls, ugly highways and other eyesores that rapid overdevelopment of a town can cause.  The higher you go in the mountains in Asheville the more expensive and nice the homes are however you may find your neighbors are less open and friendly.

The city also boasts many wonderful events including special markets, mixers, dances and gay pride parades and gay festivals. If you want to live in a tightly-knit supportive place than gay realtors Asheville highly recommends living downtown in the heart of Asheville.  It is expensive but it is certainly cheaper than living in other metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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