Gay Realtor Asheville On Architectural Diversity

When you buy a  home or property  in one of North Carolina’s oldest cities, gay realtor Asheville has noticed that it could be one of many styles. The city is home to a diverse and eclectic mix of styles including Art Deco, Beaux Arts, Gothic, Spanish, Neoclassical, Romanesque, Spanish and other Greek Revival styles. Aside from the age of the city, many of the buildings survived because during the Great Crash in 1929 the city was so hard hit that it could not afford to actually bull-doze buildings that went into receivership. The result is that many architectural gems still stand today.  In fact what makes this city so old-looking and charming is that it has not changed much since the crash of the stock market in 1929.

Being a mountain town it was a resort for many millionaires in the early twentieth century. For instance, gay realtor Asheville has found out that it was a booming vacation town for some of the richest families in America. By 1880 it was known as the place to go if you needed a breath of fresh therapeutic mountain resorts.

A bit of research by gay realtor Asheville has revealed that well-healed residents in the past includes Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Vanderbilt’s. As many wealthy people lived here it attracted many wealthy architects including Richard Morris Hunt who built the amazing Biltmore House that stands in downtown Biltmore. This is a glittering pink and green building that boasts an unusual octagonal shape supported by pillars.  The design of this building was widely imitated in Asheville and you can find many design plays on this type of architecture in the town.

The rustic mountain lodge is also a familiar site in and near Asheville. This is thanks to a very wealthy man named Edwin Wiley Grove who built himself a grand lodge in 1897.  This is why you see many homes in this mountainous area made of granite facades or granite boulder.  These buildings are meant to be solid and ostentatious in appearance.

The town was always known for its lavish inns and resorts and that is why so many of the homes are also large in scale and have splendid gardens and many amenities such as homes with huge open living spaces that open onto gorgeous patios that are in the middle of nature.

If you want to invest in a heritage space that is likely to be protected for years by the city simply because it is so unique and old then gay realtor Asheville highly recommends investing  here.  Many of the homes and buildings this gorgeous mountainous area that still boasts great views and air that is excellent for the health.  Gay realtor Asheville also suggests that this is a wonderful city for property investors that want to rehab older homes, especially because many of them have not been touched since The Great Depression.  As they do have historical value there may be grants available to help you renovate these glorious old buildings.

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