Rochester, NY, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Rochester Gay Neighborhoods

Rochester, New York, sits on Lake Ontario and is the third largest city in the state with some 210,000 people. It’s at the center of the huge Rochester metro area that spills over into six counties. Rochester was one of the first true boomtowns in the state, growing incredibly fast thanks to the flour industry. Today, the city is a major manufacturing hub in addition to being home to several research universities. Xerox, Kodak, and other tech companies have their homes in Rochester. The city has also ranked on Forbes “best places to raise a family” list and on the Places Rated Almanac’s “most livable cities” list, where it was ranked first in 2007.

Rochester is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities, coming in on the 2016 “Gayest Cities in America” list at number 11. The Park Avenue corridor is the center of the city’s gay neighborhood. There are many restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues here, plus a number of charming homes. You won’t find very many condos for sale, but you’ll find single family homes ranging in price from $175,000 to $279,000.

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