Buffalo, NY Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Buffalo Gay Neighborhoods

Buffalo, New York, sits on the shore of Lake Erie near the Niagara River.  It’s the second most populous city following New York City, being home to more than 258,000 people.  Many of those people came during the 1900s, following the creation of the Erie Canal and the railroads.  Today, Buffalo’s industry centers on government, health, automotive, and financial businesses.

If you’re looking for a gay neighborhood in Buffalo, you’re looking for Allentown.  This historic area is home to the city’s gay, hipster, and bohemians.  It’s near the theater and the entertainment district, so there’s plenty to do near the area, not to mention the many different art galleries in Allentown itself. 

Single family homes in Allentown start out at $120,000 which is very affordable.  The more expensive houses may not even break $300,000.  There aren’t that many condos available, however.  They are often priced around $175,000 when they are.

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