Buffalo New York – Gay Real Estate Overview

It’s easy to feel right at home in Buffalo, which several LGBT tourism sites also refer to as “Queen City.” This name is a bit tongue-in-cheek because the designation was official Buffalo has a very tight and loyal community that is very supportive of newcomers. It is easy to find a gay real estate agent that can show you around and recommend the best places in town for gays and lesbians to live.

The town itself is very culturally dynamic with hundreds of eclectic, ethnic and trendy restaurants. It is also a well-known city for theater that is home to several companies.   There are also more than two miles of boutiques in Elmwood Village, which the American Planning Association named one of the ten Great Neighborhoods in 2007.

Buffalo is famous for its LGBT nightlife, which boasts bars that don’t close until 4 a.m.  Most of the LGBT-friendly places are located within steps of each other in the historic downtown district of Allentown and include Cathode Ray, Funky Monkey and Nietzsche’s.  Allentown is also close to the Chippewa District, which is home to the city’s music screen and many nightclubs and entertainment venues.  The city has its own online newsletter, called The Loop, which helps the LGBT community keep up with events.

Downtown Buffalo is full of architectural treasures and has several historical districts including the Niagara Square, the Cobblestone Historic District, the Joseph Ellicott Historic District and the Theatre Historic District. However as close to the gay bars and nightlife as this area is, it is mostly commercial, rather than residential.

An area of Buffalo that is starting to appreciate in value is South Park, which has homes that are quite affordable with an average listing price (as of May 8, 2013) of $76,200.  A similar area is Black Rock, where the average listing price is $71,419. South Park is a large area south of Buffalo city that is in the process of gentrification. Black Rock is an industrial area on the Niagara River that boasts an old warehouse district and many historic buildings.

On the other side of the life-style spectrum the most popular neighborhoods in Buffalo are North Park and Front Park with average listing prices of $178,803 and $104,033.  These areas are coveted because of their historic architecture and proximity to Buffalo’s Central Park.

In the entire city the average price per square foot for property in Buffalo was $64, which is a decrease of 12.3% from last year. In general Buffalo home prices are decreasing by 6.8% from last year (as of May 15, 2013.)

There are thirty-two official neighborhoods and communities in Buffalo NY so it is a good idea to enlist the help of a gay real estate expert who is well-versed in what areas are gay-positive and also affordable and up and coming.  The city also usually has a high number of short sales and a consultation with a gay realtor can help you seek out great homes that are in foreclosure.

To know more about the great city of Buffalo go to its Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau at:  http://www.buffalochamber.org/.

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