Gay Realtor Albany, New York – Focus on Lark Street

If you are looking for a vibrant, gay-friendly place to work and live in then gay realtor Albany, New York recommends living in one of the many neighborhoods that border Lark Street in the city.  This street is the site of many quaint independently LGBT-friendly and owned businesses including art galleries, antique shops, restaurants and coffee houses.  It is a real place of cultural connections that intersects several hip, gay friendly neighborhoods including (from south to north) the Park South, Hudson Park, Center Square and Arbor Hill neighborhoods.

The street itself is considered to be the main artery that connects most of mid-town Albany. It is two very long blocks west of the Empire State Plaza and one block east of Washington Town. The beautiful old brownstones that line Lark Street are similar to the ones you would find in Manhattan.  In some parts of Lark Street the original cobblestone intersections from the turn of the century have been kept intact.

Center square and Hudson Square, which touch upon this long street, are areas of town that are often compared to New York’s Greenwich Village with a vibrant mix of residential and commercial uses. The densely populated Park South area is undergoing an intensive urban renewal project and may be a good place to invest.   Arbor Hill is one of the oldest areas in town and also one of the most ethnically populated.

The brownstones are a mix of condos, apartments, boutiques and cafes.  There are many art studios and galleries in the area and on the first Friday of every month a massive art fair is held along the street.  It is also the home of the largest one-day street Festival in New York called LarkFest that features art and musicians and also Art on the Lark, which is a week long festival of arts and crafts.  The Business Administration describes the area as a “Village in the City” where you can have a Live-Work-Play lifestyle.

A lot of “foodies” also live here and in adjoining neighborhoods because the exotic ethnic and gourmet food is affordable and includes Tex-Mex, Greek, Thai, Hunan, Indian, Italian and Japanese restaurants.

The Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Center is in the Lark Street area as well. Lark Street is also the route of the annual Gay Pride March in Albany, New York.

As of the first quarter of 2013, the average price per square foot for a home in Albany New York was $114, which is a decrease of 8.8% compared to the same period last year.  The average listing price for homes for sale in Albany, NY was $266,637 for week ending May 1, 2013.

You probably won’t need to own a car if you live in one of the many neighborhoods that meet Lark Street. Several buses that can transport you to the far ends of the city are routed through here.  Gay realtors in Albany New York recommend this street and its adjacent neighborhoods as a wonderful place to really experience all that life has to offer.  If you would like additional information about neighborhoods, attractions and other facts then go to this city’s online visitor center at