Gay Realtors Top Albuquerque Neighborhoods

If you are thinking of moving to a quiet metropolis gay realtors Albuquerque recommends this city’s great residential neighborhoods. For the most part almost all of Albuquerque has been a very progressive place for LGBT individuals to live for decades now.

One of the most popular gay-friendly areas in Albuquerque is called North Valley. Thus place is quite expensive and a bit like living in the country. Many people in this area have small hobby farms complete with chickens and goats.  This is a very quiet area, although gay realtors Albuquerque advise that it is a long commute to the center of the city.

If you prefer to live downtown then gay realtors Albuquerque recommends the areas around the University of New Mexico and the Nob Hill areas of town.  These neighborhoods are educated, older and intelligent.  This is culturally also one of the liveliest areas of town if you enjoy a bit of café society, theater and nightlife. The Nob Hill area is known for its drag clubs and ultra-retro-hip condos, rehabbed apartments and retail stores.

The downtown is one of the cheaper downtowns in the United States to live in and it has been revitalized over the years.  There are many individual rehabbed properties for sale; many of them have been built to suit green standards.

If you love walking and window-shopping then living in the Huning Highlands area might be suitable. This area is also known as EDO (or East of Downtown.) This older area of town boasts many charming old heritage buildings and homes with small backyards.  There are also many charming vintage clothing stores, restaurants and specialty boutiques in this area.

Perhaps the “straightest” and most expensive area of town is the Rio Rancho area.  Even though this is a cheaper area to live gay realtors Albuquerque has heard that this area has a reputation for being a bit dull and more geared to straight families.

However in general there is no terrible area to live in Albuquerque. Albuquerque seems to be one of those cities that celebrate all aspects of LGBT life.  Furthermore we recommend living here for the low housing prices, the great weather and the many outdoor parks and recreation opportunities that encourage an outdoor lifestyle. This is a very happy and healthy place to live that is known for its great restaurants, art galleries and great sunsets.

Gay realtors Albuquerque top neighborhoods host many festivals including a gay comedy festival, a gay rodeo, a gay and lesbian film festival and a big gay pride parade and festival that happens at the end of June every year.   The city also boasts an incredibly active community when it comes to supporting and promoting gay marriage and gay rights and holds an Annual Equality Ball and a Coming Out drag variety show every year too.  If you prefer to live in an even more rural area then consider living in one of the special Adobe homes that are in the North Valley area of Albuquerque. This is a very lush and unusual neighborhood that feels like it’s own small town. 

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