Las Vegas’ 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Las Vegas Gay Neighborhoods

Las Vegas – the city of casinos and drive-thru weddings!  Of course, Las Vegas is much more than the Strip.  There’s a lot to the city, including many LGBT people.  In fact, a lot of people don’t really feel like Vegas has “gay ghettos” at all because there are many gays and lesbians living all over the city.  However, there are a few areas that are traditionally LGBT communities.

Spring Valley is a gated modular park that sits just a few minutes from the strip.  While that might sound like it’s a crowded, heavily-trafficked area, the fact that Spring Valley is a secured and private area means it’s quiet.  It's home to a number of retired LGBT people.  It’s also more affordable than one might think.  Condos range from $55,000 to $518,000.  Single family homes are more pricy, costing anywhere from $84,900 to $5.9 million.

The East Vegas area, centered around Pecos and Flamingo, is an up and coming area with all custom homes.  The lots are large, and it’s only about five minutes from the strip and a number of gay clubs.  Single family homes start at $65,000 for a small home and don’t get much over $175,000.  A condo can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $89,900.

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