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Gay real estate Las Vegas advises you to get the very best agent that you can if you are going to sell a condo or a home. That is because the market is glutted with all kinds of properties. In a big busy town you can encounter agents who will not return calls or emails, will not be at your open house, do not know anything about marketing, and expect you to do just about everything but collect the commission for sale!

In a busy place like Las Vegas a great way to test out a realtor if you are looking for someone to help you sell is to ask them to show you a home they currently have listed. Gay real estate Las Vegas does not recommend telling them that you are looking to buy a place. The way that they show a home is going to give you a good indication of how they will show your home to others. Is the agent communicative?  professional? knowledgeable? Do you get a lot of information about the home, the market and neighborhood, or is the agent completely silent and seemingly allowing you to arrive at your conclusions about the place.

The type of agent that you really want to avoid is the one that takes the listing from you and then does not communicate for days. Make sure that when you enlist an agent to help you that they are going to agree to communicate with you every couple of days.  Sadly gay real estate Las Vegas admits that this type of experience is all too common.

You also have the absolute right to expect that your agent provide you with certain things. You should be allowed a meeting in which the two of you get down on paper what your marketing plan would be. Aside from the local MLS the agent should also be marketing your home on hundreds of on-line sites like Zillow,,, and others ~ in this day and age, you must insist on this, and verify!

Your agent should also provide you with copies of all the documents that are exchanged between the agent and other people with regards to the sale of a house or condo. You should never left in the dark about any proposal, marketing piece or transaction that happens regarding your home.

When you are selling your home make sure that your realtor is having open houses that are open and scheduled as promised. Make sure too that there is a sign on the lawn and signage erected by the agent pointing out your home for sale to local street traffic. The very best type of real estate agent will make your open houses more than just a visit ~ it will be more like a party where your home and all its great features are presented to the public.

Gay real estate Los Vegas reminds you that you are not necessarily stuck with a bad real estate agent who is not returning your calls or doing what they promised. If you do have a set of expectations from the realtor of how often they call, specific marketing, contact you, open houses, etc. then get that down as an agreement on paper. Do not settle for less communication then you agreed upon. Exercise the option to terminate your relationship if the realtor is not cooperating with you.

At you can easily search for the top gay realtors in Las Vegas, read their profiles and set-up interviews to discuss what they can offer to earn your listing.

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