Henderson Gay Realtor on Living in the Desert Suburbs

Henderson is the second largest city in the state of Nevada after Las Vegas.  This city of 257,729 is part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area that sprawls across the southeaster part of the irrigated Las Vegas Valley.  One notable fact about Henderson is that in 2011 Forbes magazine called Henderson the second safest city in America.  Bloomberg Businessweek has also called it one of the Best Cities to Live in America.  It has also been listed as the sixty best-walking city in America because it has more than 37 miles of walking trails.

This is a newer city that was built around the Basic Magnesium plant so almost all of the housing in the area dates from around World War II.  It is a desert surrounded by the McCullough range, which has a gentle slope up to 3,800 feet.  Some of the more expensive homes in the area are in the crook of these hills.  The climate is very hot with the occasional monsoon in the summer.

If you are going to live in Henderson it is a good idea to have a car as the housing tends to be connected by highways to huge subdivsions.  The lots are large and many homes here have pools.  There are four major highways connecting everything and the city is served by an RTC transit that also serves the City of Las Vegas and other residential and commercial areas in the Las Vegas Valley.  Henderson is only a few miles southeast of the glittering Las Vegas Strip with its casinos and five-star hospitality.  As this was a planned city it is very well organized with many new condominiums, gated communities, parks and recreation areas and concert venues.

The city is also known for being fun. It is home to several large resort & spas as well as the glamorous Dragon Ridge Country Club.  However if you prefer to be a little more culturally minded then you are invited to explore the Water Street District that is home to scores of art galleries including the City Lights Art Gallery, Henderson City Hall Art gallery and Mikel’s Fine Art Photography. 

Residents of the Las Vegas Valley are very resourceful and there are water sports, boating and even fly-fishing to enjoy if you care to travel to nearby Lake Las Vegas.

Most of the gay bars, including Flex, Crave Club, Snicks Place and the Badlands Saloon are located in nearby Las Vegas but Henderson also has a few gay bars of its own including the pub style Steelz and the leather bar Eagle.

All of the Henderson Valley is known for being gay-friendly as is practically all of the Las Vegas Valley. However, to find the housing situation or property investment that is right for you it is best to consult with a Henderson gay realtor.  For more information about the city they call “a Diamond in the Desert” you can also go to www.visithenderson.com.