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Omaha is quite a progressive town and gay realtor Omaha can recommend several neighborhoods that would be great to buy in. Omaha is known for being a safe city with a particularly low crime rate in comparison to cities that have a similar size. It is also full of architectural gems from the turn of the century and onwards.

One of the most gay-friendly of all the neighborhoods in Omaha, Nebraska (also known as the Gateway to the West) is Little Bohemia. It is also sometimes called Bohemia Town. This is also a historic area of the city that is home to the Prague Hotel.  Gay realtor Omaha has learned that it was originally settled by Czechoslovakian settlers and then became a Mecca of vintage stores, interesting restaurants and affordable housing. If you are an artist or have a lower income then this is an exciting place to live. It is also a good area for singles to live in as there are few families in the area.

Another historic area is Gifford Park which is bordered by North Freeway and Cumming Street. It is over five acres in size and includes a playground, walking paths, tennis courts and lot of green parks  It is also an area in Omaha that has very strong neighborhood association that helps protect the area  residents from crime and exploitive developments that might affect the historical integrity of the place. If you want to live in a tight knit supportive and safe community then Gifford Park is a very good choice.

Omaha has its share of Victorian buildings in the Bemis Park Landmark historical district. Many of the homes were originally badly damaged in a storm in 1913 and then consequently renovated. If you are a gay couple raising children you might be interested to know that some of the best private and public schools in Nebraska are located in this area. It is also home to two national architectural landmarks: the Zabriskie House and the George Payne House.  Recreational facilities are quite accessible in this area as well.

North Omaha, which is the uptown area, is also historically significant and bordered by Iowa, Beechwood and East Omaha. This is an area of revitalization that might be of particular interest to property investors. The process of revitalization has been definitely increasing the population and number of funky businesses in the area. There are many condo and apartment developments offered in North Omaha as well. The area is not as exciting as Little Bohemia but it definitely is a sophisticated and affordable place to call home.

If you want to live somewhere spanking new and shiny then gay realtor Omaha recommends that you check out the downtown area of Omaha. This is an old city with buildings from 1862 integrated into new developments. Most old areas have been renovated into condos and apartments. The downtown is especially known for its shiny high-rises, bike paths and rehabbed parks that line the waterfront.

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