Minneapolis, MN, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Minneapolis Gay Neighborhoods

Minneapolis, Minnesota, a part of the Twin Cities area, is home to over 410,000 people. There are even more that live in the metro area—3.5 million, to be exact. Together with Saint Paul, the Twin Cities make up the Midwest’s second-largest economic area. The city plays a major part in the global economy, connecting the U.S. to Canada and to other cities around the world.

Minneapolis has two neighborhoods where LGBT residents tend to live or work. The first is Lyn-Lake. This area is near Uptown and is home to a number of LGBT-owned businesses, galleries, and a theater. There are mostly commercial properties in Lyn-Lake, but there are a few condos and houses. Condos in the area start at $160,000 and top out at around $305,000. Single-family homes may cost anywhere from $280,000 to $390,000.

The other area is downtown Minneapolis, which includes areas such as Laurel Park and the Uptown district. This is where a lot of the city’s nightlife is centered, although there are a number of businesses here, too. Single-family homes are priced from $409,000 to $700,000. Condos tend to be priced from $330,000 to $1.4 million.

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