Gay Realtor Minneapolis Top Neighborhoods

If you are looking for a great neighborhood then gay realtor Minneapolis has some suggestions. This is a very progressive and busy city with many up and coming neighborhoods that are great to live in.

If you want to live in the center of it all then gay realtor Minneapolis recommends living in the area known as Downtown West. This is a place with an exciting mix of architecture and also shopping. Sex parlors stand alongside high end designer clothing stores. Food trucks on the street compete with five star restaurants. The area also has a library shaped like a big Pirate Ship, and it is right downtown.  This area is where the action is but I can be a bit unsafe after dark and the condos in the area can be a bit expensive.

One of the poshest and most historic cultural areas is Marcey Hamlet right on the river. It has been the cultural center of the city for 150 years. This area is known for its older buildings and especially its charming old cinemas like the Varsity Theater and St. Anthony Main’s Cinema.  This area is quite desirable and also quite expensive. This is because it is only ten minutes away from downtown by back and quite near the University of Minnesota campus.

A similar area is Lowry Hill East which is known for its theater shopping and dining areas. This is the uptown area of the city. Gay realtor Minneapolis recommends buying in Lowry Hill East if you are into the Mad Men mid-century style.

If the idea of living in a beautiful 100 year old apartment building, turned condominiums appeals to you then you might like the Loring Park area. It is near downtown and is near a great deal of green space. It is also home to The Loring Theater and a strip that includes excellent restaurants such as Café Lurcat and Nick and Eddie and Joe’s Garage.

If you love nature than the Diamond Lake area might be ideal. It is located near Diamond Lake Park that has wetlands with trails. It also has a wading pool recreation center, skating rinks and ball fields. If you are a gay couple raising a child then this is the area you want to live in as the schools are best in this area.

The absolutely safest area to live in the city is Howe neighborhood that is uptown and west. It features solid smaller bungalows and plenty of biking and riding trails along the river. If you like to walk a dog late at night this is one of the most recommended areas to settle down in.

If you want to live in the most affordable areas of the city then gay realtor Minneapolis advises that the two districts to look at are Seward and Cedar Riverside. These are diverse neighborhoods with many vegetarian and ethnic restaurants, bowling alleys, cafes and dog parks.  These areas are up and coming with a mix of run-down properties next to spanking brand new malls and recreational facilities.

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