Lansing, Michigan – Focus on the Old Town Gay Neighborhood

Lansing, Michigan is the capital of the state of Michigan with a population of 114,297. It is considered to be an important center for education, culture, government and industry and it is also an important center for gay lifestyle and culture. The city, also called “Mid-Michigan” by those who live in this populous state is also home to the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Michigan State University and the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. The physical center of Lansing was founded in a peninsula where the Grand River meets the Red Cedar River, which also makes it quite a picturesque place to live

The area that is considered to be the gay district of Lansing is also considered to be the “red light district” and it is called Old Town. Old Town over looks the winding bike trail beside the Grand River. This was once the most decrepit area of Lansing that was established in the Mid-1500s but it has since been rehabilitated with condos, artist lofts and lots of restoration. The architecture in Old Town often reflects Victorian influences. It is now considered to be the center of arts and culture for the greater Lansing area. It is also a thriving shopping district and a trendy place to live with lots of unique and arts based gay-owned businesses.  This is a lively business area that boasts over 111 cultural events throughout the year. It has a Bluesfest, Jazzfest, Renegade Festival and Scrapfest (where teams of artists make sculpture from scraps of metal.  Lansing is also home to a very famous chalk art competition.

There is a great deal of LGBT night if in Lansing. Two of them are Xcel and the Spiral Dance Town. One of the oldest and most respected gay clubs in Lansing  is Stober’s, named after Rudy Stober a straight male who founded the famous and funky Sir Club in the 1960s.  The pioneering Sir Club is now gone and replaced by the flashy Trampps that has the nickname of “Lansing’s Studio 54.”

Living in Lansing is affordable for most gay individuals and gay couples. The median sales price for homes in Lansing for February 13 to April 13, 2013 was $67,875. This represents an increase ion sales prices since the same period of time in 2012. It is also interesting to note that there are 1,029 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction or bank-owed stages of foreclosure, which means that there are investment deals to be made in this area. However before shopping around for real estate in Old Town or elsewhere make it a priority to consult with a gay realtor in Lansing so that you can find the safest, LGBT-positive to live in.  Old Town is a good choice because is near the universities and it also has a more progressive society in general.

For more information about the Old Town neighborhood in Lansing, Michigan go to the I Love Old Town website at