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The great news ~ all of Provincetown, Massachusetts is LGBT friendly! Gay realtors Provincetown knows you will love this beautiful scenic fishing community and year-round vacation town that is known for its galleries, shops, inns and wonderful restaurants.  It also has a very temperate climate, which makes it an ideal place to retire.  The ocean breezes prevent extreme heat waves and there is not that much snow to shovel in the winter. 

P-Town is located on the very outer tip of the sheltered part of Cape Cod Bay. The dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore border it.  Yet another convenience to living here is that it is quite close to Boston and New York City.

Provincetown is only 17 square miles so it is small enough to be considered a neighborhood in itself. It was originally a whaling and fishing town that was founded by pilgrims and then later settled by Portuguese fishermen.  Research has revealed to gay realtors Provincetown that in the seventies it started becoming one of the most popular gay vacation destinations in the entire world. 

It is pricey to live in Provincetown because of its good weather, seaside status and gentrified historical districts.   The entire city has been rehabbed continuously since 2003 when it received a low interest loan from the government to fix the town up.   It may be hard to find any type of dwelling here for purchase for less than $600 a square foot.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it, it’s an amazing place to call home. Provincetown is home to The Atlanta House that is often declared to be the oldest gay bar in the United States.  There is also a very famous performing arts house in the town known as The Art House. 

Provincetown is famed for its many festivals which include the Provincetown International Film Festival, Provincetown Rocks: The Festival and a transgender, transvestite and transsexual fair known as the Fantasia Fair.  It has also been a summer home to many famous gay residents including Tennessee Williams, John Waters, and Jackson Pollock.

It might also be interesting to note that a recent study done buy Trulia housing on market trends showed that Provincetown was rated by both gays and lesbians as one of the top three gay-friendly places to live in North America along with  Rehoboth Beach and the Castro in San Francisco.  The same study also indicated to gay realtors Provincetown that areas that tend to have a large LGBT community also tend to appreciate in price rapidly, possibly because they pay more attention to renovation and landscaping than others and also because housing in gay friendly communities is so desired!

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