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Cambridge is often perceived as a neighborhood in Boston but it is actually an independent city of 100,000, and is one of the oldest established cities in the United States.  It was first settled in 1630 and just six years after that it became home to Harvard University. Today it is also the address of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In terms of being gay-friendly, Cambridge is one of the absolute best. Cambridge is the residence of gay rights activist and Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the state was the first to legalize same-sex marriage.

Cambridge has zero sexual orientation hate crimes as of 2012.  This might be due to the aggressively enforced polices of its GLBT Commission that advocates a culture of respect with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity. It is a progressive town that is the home of many intellectuals. The official population of the city is 105,162.

Cambridge is also very conveniently located across the Charles River from the gay-friendly city of Boston and the city of Watertown to the west is also known for it large gay population.

It is safe for a gay person or a couple to live just about anywhere in this gorgeous old style university town but the friendliest areas are thought to Central Square which is right downtown and the area of Riverside which is just adjacent and north-east.   Both neighborhoods are known for their many cafes, bookstores, antique shops, funky stores and friendly neighborhood hangouts.   Most of the properties in this area are two to three unit old brownstone buildings that house students, but there are single family homes with beautiful wrap-around porches and big yards in Riverside and Central Square as well.  A great deal of the architecture here is very charming because it is so old; most of it is neo-Gothic or Victorian.

The average listing price for a home in East Cambridge, next to downtown, as of Aug. 2013 is $615,645 and in North Cambridge $667,916.   The average price per square foot for all of Cambridge was $531.00.  It is best to consult with a Cambridge gay realtor to find the home or investment property that is perfect for you.  Investment properties are commonly on the market here because there are so many students and many of them live in rooms or small apartments in the older larger homes and mansions in the area.

If you are single, Cambridge MA is a great place to live as there are 18 gay night clubs in the Central and Riverside neighborhoods.  These include the retro seventies disco bar called The Oberon, the vegetarian restaurant and bar Zuzu and the all-lesbian Shine Club.

You can find out more information about the City of Cambridge by going to its chamber of commerce website at

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