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There are several gay realtor Boston top neighborhoods that are great to live in but the most well known of the areas is probably Boston’s South End. This area is not only one of Boston’s most picturesque and historic neighbourhoods, it is also where the action is when it comes to gay lifestyle, entertainment and activism.   The South End used to be a seedier part of town in the sixties and seventies but it has since been gentrified, to the point that it may not be affordable for those with a lower income or trying to buy for the first time.  The area is known for its charming little lanes filled with boutiques, oyster bars and vintage clothing stores.

Although to live on Warren Avenue, an area filled with stately renovated townhomes could run you around $600 a square foot ,you can find adjacent neighborhoods where housing prices get a little cheaper.

Gay realtors Boston recommend some of the adjacent neighborhoods as well. A well-established but much cheaper neighborhood is the Dorchester area, which in the early fifties was the home of Martin Luther King.  This is a collection of town squares that are along the Neponset River ~ the condition of the housing varies. This is a very large area of Boston that is being renovated constantly so there is always housing of one kind or another available and often it can be bought much more reasonably than anything that you can buy in South Boston “proper.” 

Most of the gay residents in the city live in a very specific area of Dorchester called Savin Hill. Savin Hill is the perfect area for the domestic-minded gay couple to settle down. There are a lot reasonable priced single-family homes in the area. This is an exciting place to live and is one of the gay realtor Boston neighborhoods that is very near the vibrant night life of South Boston.

Another up and coming area in the gay-friendly area of Boston is Melville Park.  This area is filled with stately grand old renovated Victorians.  The area is very hip and also very accessible using the city’s subway.

If you are a younger gay professional then you might enjoy being a “Southie.” This area is located roughly a couple of blocks behind the beach and around East Broadway. This is an older area that is full of restaurants, enchanting bakeries and boutique grocery shops.  The area consists of both run-down and renovated old Victorians.  These places can be as much as five times cheaper to either buy or rent than just about anywhere in Boston.

If you have a bit of money then one of the more affordable gay realtors Boston recommended neighborhoods to live in is the site of the famous Battle of Bunker Hill. The area, known as Charlestown, is actually the site of an old Navy Yard.   This is a lovely area on the waterfront with ties for yachts and many parks. However you are looking at well over $600 a square foot to live in this historic neighborhood.

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