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Gay realtor Baltimore can suggest excellent and interesting neighborhoods for home buyers and property investors. Of course what neighborhood best suits you is going to have a lot to do with what your needs are as an owner, or what will suit your requirements best as an investor.

A very popular area in Baltimore is Charles Village which is bordered by 28th Street, 33rd Street, Greenmount Avenue and Maryland Avenue. The area is historic and very clean. This is an up and coming genteel neighborhood but as it is an older road layout the parking is not that great. However gay realtor Baltimore has noted that there are many beautiful historic homes here for fixing and flipping, mainly because there is a slightly rougher neighborhood to the south.

If you love things sophisticated and European then gay realtor Baltimore suggests you move to “Little Europe.”  This area, known as Mount Vernon, is near markets, the Enoch Pratt Library and the Lyric Opera House. It is one of the trendiest areas in Baltimore to live in.  The parking is terrible but the public transportation is excellent. There is so much culture in the area. If you buy here then you are in luck as a landlord as these are some of the most expensive rental properties in the entire city. You can find this area south of Madison, North of 40 and bordered by Park Avenue and Calvert.  A caveat is that the property in this neighborhood is so valuable that it is tough to find the perfect home.

Canton is a neighborhood bordered by Eastern, Boston, Chester and South Haven streets. It is a desirable area because it is on the water, near Patterson Park and the Canton Dog Park. It is the area of Baltimore you want to live in if you have a pet. The prices in this area are quite reasonable. The area is not quite as attractive architecturally as other places in this historical city.

If living near to the very best shopping is important, then you may want to look around in the Federal Hill area. This neighborhood is bordered by Key Highway North and Highway 395.  This area is quite pastoral and is within walking distance to the city harbor. It has very nice homes that have amazing views of the city.

If you like historical buildings then Fell’s point which is south of Fleet Street has little houses, cobblestone streets and huge trees.

Yet another wonderful neighborhood is Hampden that is bordered 40th Street, 29th Street, Wyman Park and the Jones Falls Expressway.  This nice place has affordable and attractive housing that is surrounded by hip shopping and restaurants. It is also where Charm City Cakes that is featured on the Food Network is shot. This is a very gay-friendly neighborhood in Baltimore and gay realtor Baltimore suggests looking here first if you are gay or in the arts and need a home.

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