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Many people ask where to find the best gay (sometimes referred to as LGBTQ, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning) neighborhoods in Baltimore. Gay people, like straight people, live everywhere. However, some places are more LGBTQ-friendly than others. Gay and gay-friendly realtors in Baltimore can help you find “top LGBT neighborhoods” so that you experience a comfortable and exciting relocation to the city.

Many people consider Mount Vernon to be Baltimore's most popular "gay neighborhood." Mount Vernon is mostly residential and consists mostly of attractive and well-maintained 19th century architecture. Public transportation is convenient and accessible almost everywhere you decide to live in this metropolis.  Arts organizations include the Walters Art Museum, the Baltimore School for the Arts, and the Lyric Opera House. Peabody Conservatory and the Maryland Historical Society are also located here, as is a branch of Baltimore's public library. There are also several gay bars in the area.

Local bookstore and coffeehouse Red Emma's, named for writer and anarchist Emma Goldman, sells vegan and vegetarian food, fair trade coffee, and specializes in books on radical politics and culture. In general, displaying LGBTQ tolerance is important to Baltimore residents both gay and straight. Activists express the need for tolerance, including the display of signs in local businesses.

Gay or gay-friendly real estate agents understand that there are special issues that come up regarding property ownership. Since gay couples are not allowed to marry in Maryland, it's important to know how to handle legal issues and ownership of property so that clients maintain their rights to the extent possible. The real estate process will be smoother when the client works with realtors who understand these issues. It can be crucial to work with agents who have worked with gay people before and respect their needs. An agent who knows the Mount Vernon area is highly recommended to smooth out the process.

The demographics of the predominantly gay area of Mount Vernon are as follows: slightly over 50% Caucasian; about 30% African-American; around 7% Asian and a small percentage that identified as Native American or of more than one race. The population of this is about 3% Hispanic.  The employment rate in the Mount Vernon area stands at about 60%; this partly reflects the fact that many residents are in school. The poverty rate is around 30% in Mount Vernon, as is consistent with the numbers in many big cities during these hard times.

Baltimore is temperate with warm summers that include days over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The city also experiences comfortable spring and fall weather, and mild winters with occasional snow.

Famous Baltimore tourist attractions include Edgar Allan Poe’s grave, crab cakes, baseball, and the Inner Harbor. Baltimore is located off the Patapsco River near the Chesapeake Bay. It is much less expensive than Washington, D.C., and Mount Vernon in particular has a lot to offer LGBTQ individuals.

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