Gay Realtors Maine LGBT Friendly Cities

Moving to a new area can be particularly difficult for gay or lesbian individuals or families. Although there is a growing movement for equal rights, there is still a fear of prejudice and discrimination. An unfamiliar city or town may be viewed with mistrust. Moving any great distance is even more difficult. Gay Realtors Maine reminds us that new state may have different laws and a whole different climate towards those who identify as LGBT. It can also be difficult to gauge which neighborhoods might be the most welcoming; this is particularly worrisome for families with children. One resource that many people don’t consider is the real estate agent. A quality gay realtor Maine, LGBTQ friendly real estate agent is a great place to start gathering information to help make a good decision where to live when you are transferring to a new state.

Maine is known as a rural state. Although it contains a few larger cities, it is often perceived as primarily rural, and many gay and lesbian families fear rural living where there are fewer people and where there may be trouble finding friends and acceptance. When relocating to Maine, it is important to remember that most people are friendly and kind, and that it is possible to find a great, welcoming place to live. When talking about top gay cities affirm that Portland, the largest city in Maine, is a great and welcoming place for our LGBT community to live. It is warm and welcoming, and has a particularly high percentage of gay and lesbian residents. Portland is a wonderful place to live for both individuals and families. It is known for its cultural diversity, low cost of living, low crime levels, and great schools. Unlike many other cities, there are no particularly gay neighborhoods. Portland in general is friendly towards gays. Pick your favorite spot to live, your type of bar, your park to relax in, and you will most likely find open friendly people, both gay and straight, who are happy to get to know you as an individual, not as a sexual identity.

According to gay realtors Maine the coastal town of Ogunquit, Maine is a great place to consider for your new home, if you are not into bigger cities. This beach town is quiet in the winter and a major tourist spot, particularly for gay tourists and their families, in the summer. Ogunquit isn’t too far from Portland and other important coastal cities, allowing for an easy commute if that is where you work. Not only will you have a gorgeous ocean view, if you have children, your children will most likely find that some of their classmates also have same sex parents.

Whether you are a family, a young professional just starting out, or a senior looking for a great place to retire, coastal Maine from Ogunquit to Portland is a great place to settle and find acceptance. The best gay areas in Maine are also some of the prettiest and best places to live. Although it is easy to find gay nightlife after dark, the real strength of these communities according gay realtors Maine is the camaraderie and welcome you will find everywhere as you settle into your new home and simply enjoy life.