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New Orleans may be known for a variety of reasons. One of the lesser-known reasons is the vibrant gay scene that can be enjoyed in New Orleans. While realtors in New Orleans are aware of neighborhoods within the city, only a gay realtor New Orleans can offer a true glimpse into the best hotspots and gay neighborhoods that are available in New Orleans. Depending on the life style that a single gay individual or gay couple may be interested in helps to establish the type of neighborhood that information would be requested about. Whatever the lifestyle, New Orleans has something to offer.

For the gay single or couple that is interested in the bar and club scene, the French Quarter has much to offer. From dancing, to sports clubs, such areas as Bourbon, Burgundy, and Dauphin Streets have all access clubs to fit individuals’ needs. Gay realtor New Orleans reports the Cafe Lafitte in Exile on Bourbon Street touts itself as the oldest gay bar in the United States, with a fun and friendly atmosphere. The Bourbon Pub and Parade is also a well-known gay bar that advertises itself as the center of the New Orleans gay world. For those wanting more adventure in the New Orleans gay scene, the bars Rawhide 2010 and The Phoenix Bar offer a walk on the wild side.

For LGBT individuals looking to set down roots in New Orleans, the neighborhood of Marigny is predominantly middle-class gay men. Marigny stretches from St. Claude Avenue on the north to Mandeville St. Wharf to the south. This large stretch of prime real estate offers everything from $450,000 townhouses to rental bungalows starting at $1700 a month. Most houses have several bedrooms as well as spacious kitchen and dining room areas perfect for entertaining guests. Marigny district is also one of the centers for the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade, as well as the Center for Creative Arts. From beautiful houses and apartments, to a hotbed of creative talents, Marigny has much to offer for the gay individual or couple.

The best way to find out about the best gay neighborhoods in New Orleans is to take the advice of a gay realtor New Orleans. You’ll have instant access to the homes for sale, and your free relocation kit and consultation with a top realtor will allow you to make guided decisions. Who would know better than someone that is a member of our LGBT community, lives in and loves the city.

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