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Louisville Gay Neighborhoods

Since 1875, the horse-racing world has turned its attention to what was once a little town in Kentucky for the running of one of the most famous races in the world. If you asked anyone to name a horse race, the Kentucky Derby is probably the only one they can think of, and to the citizens of Louisville, it takes over their lives once a year. This huge event may be what brings thousands of people to the city, but for those who live there, it’s by far just one small reason why they love living here.

Situated on the Ohio River near neighboring Indiana, Louisville has grown from its humble roots into a part of the massive Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Area. This area has over 1.2 million residents, while Louisville itself is home to some 765,000. Besides the derby, the city also houses the Louisville Cardinals, three Fortune 500 companies, and the University of Louisville. The headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken, now known as KFC, is also located here.

Like many large cities in the south, Louisville is much more welcoming to LGBTQ people than you might expect. There are a lot of great historic homes here, but for those looking for a gay neighborhood, yo0u might want to begin your search in the Highlands area. This neighborhood is home to many immigrants from Europe and Asia, but it’s also become home to many LGBTQ people over the years.

Single-family homes in this area start at $230,000 and generally aren’t priced over $350,000. For condos, you could pay anywhere from $120,000 to $315,000. 

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