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According to Gay Realtor Chicago boasts a population of over three million people making this Midwestern city a classic and popular metropolis in our nation today. There are certainly many millions of advantages about living in the “Windy City”, but in this article, we focus on The 7 Benefits of Living in Chicago.

The city is a bustling urban sprawl located on the shores of the magnificent Lake Michigan. The highlights include great cultural diversity, history, architecture and sports just to highlight a tip of the iceberg. Unlike New York or Los Angeles, Chicago offers a more reasonable cost of living for those seeking the amenities of a large metropolitan area without having to pay sky-high real estate costs. Living in Chicago will certainly introduce you to the finest that the Midwest has to offer.

1.The city of Chicago is rich and diverse ~ with Boystown being the center of the LGBT universe according to our Chicago gay realtor. From its immigrant past, those eager westward movers brought their cultural imprint to the city, giving the city a wide variety of ethnic and historical wealth. The history of this city is captured in many museums and exhibitions. From the stockyards, the Great Chicago fire of 1871 or the well-known prohibition era history, this city is steeped in a great past and this will help quench your historical thirsts.

2. Lake Michigan offers a beachfront close to the city, and this on its own is a great advantage especially in the summertime, with its own “gay beach”. Lakeshore drive is packed with modern urban amenities close to the beach, ranging from restaurants, clubs, shopping and culture. The City loves water, as you can explore the Navy Pier on the famous Chicago River. The beach will always be a benefit, tanning, swimming or simply relaxing.

3. Remember Michael Jordan and the Chicago bulls. This city has a great and vibrant sports culture, from the White Sox, Bulls and Bears; you will not be short on sporting events. The passion is evident; from Soldier field to Wrigley Ville there is electricity on game day in Chicago.

4. Chicago is a mix of the big apple’s cultural and ethnic diversity with a touch of Midwestern generosity and hospitality. The city boasts many cultures making it a true multicultural cosmopolitan area. This translates into diverse cuisine, festivals and arts and crafts as various ethnicities leave their mark on the city. And gay realtor Chicago reminds us to not forget one of the nation’s largest gay pride parades and festivals.

5. Also, the city of Chicago is centrally located in the middle of the country making it easier to travel to both coastal regions in a short space of time. O’ Hare International Airport is a major transportation hub in the nation. Chicago is a few hours by air from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York or Miami. Think one flight.

6. Chicago boasts great architecture, from the world famous Willis Tower, once the tallest building in the world, and many cultural buildings; one will never get enough of the beautiful architecture in the city.

7. Chicago offers a great choice of living options, from bustling city, sprawling suburban and country all in close proximity, the choices are there, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

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