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Although Honolulu does not have the large gay communities of San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, it is a gay friendly city according to gay realtor Honolulu. Up until the turn of this century, the Kuhio District was known for its lively street scene and gay-owned businesses. In the last ten years or so, the gay neighborhoods have shifted. According to gay realtor Honolulu, Honolulu’s top gay neighborhoods include the Diamond Head area of Waikiki. Other gay-friendly neighborhoods include Makiki, Kaimuki, Hawaii Kai and Kailua.

Waikiki has one of Hawaii’s largest concentrations of LGBT people. Hawaii is known for its amazing beaches. The famed Waikiki Beach beckons as Waikiki’s gay beach ~ Queen’s Beach, is a short walk from Kapiolani Park, and Dig Me Beach is the place to see and be seen. Waikiki’s other gay hangouts include the popular HULA’s Bar and Lei Stand, Wang Chung’s, Bacchus Waikiki, Tapas, dance club Fusion Waikiki, Lojax, Element Lounge and In Between. The La Cucaracha is a popular gay spot for Mexican cuisine. Most of Waikiki’s clubs are located near Kuhio Avenue.

The Diamond Head area of Waikiki is adjacent to Waikiki beach and is located between Downtown Honolulu and Hawaii Kai. It has a quiet, laidback feel but is close to Waikiki nightlife. Diamond Head Beach is a popular gay beach in the area. Although Hawaiian real estate prices are much higher than on the mainland, with Honolulu as one of the most expensive cities, home costs and rents are less than other neighborhoods on the island according to gay realtor Honolulu. Diamond Head has a mix of single family homes, apartments and beachfront condos.

Other top gay neighborhoods near Honolulu include Hawaii Kai on Oahu’s eastern coast. Hawaii Kai is a more exclusive, more expensive area of single family homes, known for beautiful, un-crowded beaches and great surfing. Kailua is twelve miles northeast of Honolulu and is also a more residential community with a central business district, close enough to downtown Honolulu to commute but far enough away to provide a more suburban lifestyle with neighborhood block parties and other events. Gay realtor Honolulu reports Kailua Beach is one of Hawaii’s best. Honolulu’s northeast Makiki neighborhood stretches from Downtown to Manoa and Waikiki. A bit closer to Downtown Honolulu, Makiki consists of older homes bungalows and small 1960’s era apartment buildings. It is a more modest, ethnically diverse, area of neighborhood businesses, but only two miles from the glitz of Waikiki. One of Honolulu’s top gay realtors can assist you in finding a home in Honolulu’s top gay neighborhoods.

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