Atlanta's 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Atlanta Gay Neighborhoods

Atlanta is the largest city is Georgia.  The city, nicknamed “Hotlanta” for its warm summers, has a few different areas that are especially LGBT-friendly.  These neighborhoods are quite unique and are perfect for those moving into the city.

Candler Park is a charming area that has a real small town feel even though it’s located in the center of Atlanta.  A historic district, Candler Park has many little bungalows and Victorian homes.  Condos start at $100,000 while single-family townhouses are priced at $125,000.  The more expensive houses are often listed at around $839,000.

The Inman Park area was the first planned community in Atlanta.  This area is full of great old Victorian homes.  The lots are large, and there are many open parking areas in the neighborhood.  Townhouses start at $169,000.  Condos are priced similarly, starting at about $179,000.  The more expensive homes in the area may hit the $1 million dollar mark.

The Kirkwood community is a streetcar subdivision and has been home to many famous Atlantans.  It’s an up and coming area where many LGBT professionals have chosen to live.  Cheaper homes cost around $98,000, while the more expensive properties are at $479,000.

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