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Atlanta is a phenomenal place to live ~ here you can find anything from international corporations to theaters to major restaurants. Atlanta it's a city like no other and the commercial center of the southeast.

As the capital and top city of the state of Georgia, there are many reasons to live in Atlanta, here’s our top 7.

1. As many jobs as you will ever need. Atlanta is filled with companies: Fortune 500s, mid-sized firms, entrepreneurial ventures and any type of corporation you could think of. Home of many Fortune 500s companies like Wachovia, Sun Trust, Coca Cola, CNN, UPS and Home Depot; Atlanta, Georgia is ripe with opportunity for job seekers.

2. Live, work and play, all in the same place. Indeed, this is a fascinating trait of this city. In Atlanta, there's a magical mix of residential, urban and corporate spaces that results in an urban fabric as diverse as your life. Citizens can take advantage of this fabric and enjoy live at any pace they like; sometimes engaging in fast paced-living like a New Yorker or often relaxing, recalling Southern life. In Atlanta, you're able to live life in your own terms.

3. Enjoy an active lifestyle. Especially in midtown Atlanta, you can get an urban experience, a short commute, go shopping in major retail centers, discover new art centers, and explore American culture, all in a single day! If you're single, young or adventurous, Atlanta has an attraction for you. And the city is constantly growing, so when you finish exploring, you'll have to start all over again!

4. Low cost of living. For under 200K you can probably buy a condo in midtown Atlanta. The real estate prices are so low in comparison to San Francisco or New York, that living in Atlanta instantly becomes a no-brainer. Living in Atlanta could mean the difference between renting and owning. Several additional factors make Atlanta an attractive place to buy, including the great quality of health care (take for instance, Emory University's top ranked hospital), the low cost of living, and the great access to education (and even free public education if your kid's grades warrant it).

5. Are you a business owner? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Atlanta is one of the top cities to start a company. The proximity too many Fortune 500 headquarters, the infrastructure provided by the south's top business hub and again the proximity to Emory University make Atlanta a top place to start your own business. Additionally, rent is comparatively low and the per capita income is significantly higher than the national average.

6. Better quality of life. This is the fabric of Atlanta, a place in which you can enjoy southern amenities while working on a Fortune 500 job. The city has all major sports and plenty of event centers, lots of clubs, bars, restaurants, music venues, lots of available housing, museums, theaters, etc. And… great weather, with all four seasons albeit with moderation. In Atlanta you can enjoy great weather almost year-round.

7. Finally, in Atlanta age is not important. This is a city for all of us. Baby boomers can bring their retirement money, and enjoy the aquarium, theater, opera and restaurants at a fraction of New York's costs. They can also buy properties for less, live at a reasonable cost, and remain close to top medical facilities should the need for assistance arise.

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