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Tampa Gay Neighborhoods

There’s a reason why there are more than 4 million people living in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Actually, there are several reasons: Tampa is one of the best outdoor cities, one of the most popular, and is a top city for those in their twenties – according to Forbes, the Pew Research Center, and New York University. Tampa is also listed as a Gamma+ world city, which means it’s in the third bracket of major cities around the world.

Tampa is a major vacation destination, especially during spring break and during the winter, when the temperatures don’t usually drop below the 70s during the day unless colder air moves into the area.

Considering a move to Tampa? The LGBT gay district is centered around Ybor City, a historic neighborhood that includes a number of gay bars and other LGBT owned businesses. Called the GaYbor District, you’ll easily be able to spot this neighborhood by the number of signs and rainbow flags flying here. Homes in this area are fairly affordable. Single-family houses are usually priced around $200,000. Condos range from $110,000 to $245,000.

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