Gay Realtors Tampa Bay On How to Make Your Home Stand Out

These are tough times and the housing market is very competitive. Gay realtors Tampa Bay knows that there are bargains in the housing market everywhere to be had. How do you make your home stand out from the competition when there are several short sales in your neighborhood and a foreclosure up for sale as well?

Gay realtors Tampa Bay would like to suggest that you do not compete with these bargain homes on their level. Instead you need to convince buyers to overlook the short sales and foreclosures in the neighborhood and see the value in buying from you instead.

One trend that has been working well for gay realtors Tampa Bay is to hold a “broker open” cocktail party in the place that highlights the best features of your home. Chances are that the short sale and foreclosure properties in your neighborhood do not have these features. The owners have run out of money and they are forced to sell. The way for you to compete is to show a home that is in perfect order, that is renovated and painted and that is perfect for raising a family and entertaining.

Throwing a party is just another type of staging for your home. It does not have to be a cocktail party. It really depends on what type of feature about the home you wish to enhance. For instance, if one of the strongest benefits of living in your area is living near a good school then be sure to throw an afternoon kiddie party with clowns, hot dogs and face-painting. Invite other mothers from your neighbourhood to join in on the fun with your children. This can encourage a nice family to move in especially if the yard is also augmented with a swing or a slide.

If you have a beachfront property with an amazing view of the ocean, then consider having a sunset cocktail party or BBQ. This way buyers can get a load of the view that you have to offer as well as your barbecue pit, beach chairs, wind break and patio set. 

Yet another idea is to throw a brunch in the home, complete with eggs, pancakes and a pitcher of orange juice with champagne.

The idea behind this way of selling a home is that you are selling lifestyle! This will be in stark contrast to the bargain properties that may have little charm at all. It is a lot of trouble to fix up a home that smells or that has fallen into disarray and decay because the owners lost their jobs and could not afford to keep it up, or simply abandoned it. As most foreclosures and short sales tend to be dirty and run down you can compete by showing a house that is shiny, clean and up-to-date in every way.

If your area is really depressed because of layoffs or the horrible effects of a natural disaster such as a hurricane gay realtors Tampa Bay also highly recommends that you sweeten the deal by offering alternative methods of financing such as lease-to-own, or possible offer to pay the buyers closing costs… so that people will be more confident about offering you a higher price for your property.

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