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One of the best things about living in Tampa is the diversity of the neighborhoods and the diversity that you have to choose from if you are trying to buy a home for yourself or as an investment. Gay real estate Tampa Bay wants you to note that this is a great area of Florida to buy newer homes and also buy homes that give you a lot of access to the great outdoors.

If you are looking to do a little hip and chic swinging in the big city then gay realtor Tampa Bay recommends living in the Channelside District which is being compared by many to the Miami South Beach area. The Channelside District is full of restaurants serving fusion cuisine, theaters and has a vibrant gay-friendly night gallery. There are also shops, chic little cafes and many gay bars. The area is thriving thanks to several new condo projects and many of the homes here have a wonderful view of the ocean and the ships sailing by in Tampa Bay.

Another very elegant and hip area that gay realtor Tampa Bay can recommend is what is known as South Tampa which comprises such tony neighborhoods as David Island and Hyde Park. It is home to many stylish sailing and yachting clubs. There are also many rollerblading parks and jogging trails in the area for those who like nature. This is also a very joyous area of town. There are many reenactments down on the wharf during the year that features themes like “The Pirate Invasion.” There are also parades, fireworks and all kinds of elaborate and merry celebrations in the neighborhood that is also known for being very gay-friendly.

If living near an airport is important to you than there are many communities in Tampa Bay that fit the bill. That include; Westside, Channelside, Carrolwood and Citrus Park.

Citrus Park is a very interesting neighborhood in Tampa that is full of affordable starter homes. The actual housing mix is contemporary and new housing mixed with old large luxurious estates. This is a community built around a mall with over a million feet of shops and a gigantic Cineplex. It is also known for its many parks and lakes as well as a wildlife sanctuary and zoo known as Big Cat Rescue that houses lions, tigers and cougars.

One of the most affordable places to live in Florida is casually known by the locals as New Tampa. This is what the locals call the suburbs such as Wesley Chapel and Land O Lakes north of the city. Gay real estate Tampa Bay experts have noticed that schools, malls and excellent restaurants have popped up left, right and center in this pleasant and more pastoral part of town. Many of the neighborhoods North of Tampa are also near parks, lakes and golf courses and suit the gay couple that would like to raise a family in an area with great schools.

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