Port St. Lucie, FL, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Port Saint Lucie Gay Neighborhoods

Looking for a gorgeous city where you can swim, play golf, and enjoy miles and miles of beach? That describes many cities in Florida, including Port St. Lucie. This city sits on the eastern side of the state and is the center of a large metro area. With more than 170,000 people in Port St. Lucie proper, you’ll find many other LGBTQ individuals and families already settled in the city.

While it’s grown in leaps and bounds, one of the most recent growth spurts came from the Florida Center of Innovation. This research firm brought in over 30,000 jobs to the city and has added to the biotech and life sciences industries.

Port St. Lucie does have several gay parts and pubs, but they’re spread across the city. You won’t find a major gay ghetto here, but you will find some great places to live. Condos run anywhere from $70,000 to $785,000. A single-family home may start out around $75,000 and range up to $2.45 million.

Port Saint Lucie Gay Realtors