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Gay realtors Orlando have shown many ornate and lovely Spanish style homes for sale in the Florida Area. Sometimes this style is also called the Mission style of home. These majestic and summery homes can be the real historic item built by Spanish missionaries and settlers  or you can find more modern retro versions built by contemporary developers.

Gay realtors Orlando have noted that many of  these homes have influences from Spain, Native American and Mexican house designs even though they are called Spanish style homes. They were originally imitations of Catholic missions. There are many imitation Spanish mission style homes in Florida because the simplicity and airiness of the home suits the climate and the relaxed air associated with beachside living.

The style actually originated in California and was made popular at the 1893 World’s Fair when the California Pavilion was done mission style. The fashion caught on and soon houses imitating the California Pavilion Spanish style were being built across the country.

Original homes were built between 1895 and 1910 and were very rustic and simple. Many had thick walls and exposed wood beam ceilings. Plaster interiors and simple white and brown color schemes. The style of home is also characterized by corridors with arches that resemble cloisters, bell towers and pink clay roofs. Another signature feature of this style of house is the quatrefoil window which is shaped like a four leaf clover. The roof is usually low and flat with very extensive broad eaves for catching the water from heavy storms.

As beautiful and sturdy as these homes look they do come with some hassles. In genuine heritage mission style homes there can be a deterioration of the stucco which is hard to replace. This is not due to any neglect. Stucco simply has a habit of cracking as it ages.  Many of them have leaking roofs thanks to the deterioration of the stucco.

If you buy a home from this era it also may need new wiring and plumbing. It depends when it was built. Most really old genuine Spanish style homes may have had the home rewired or refitted several times since the turn of the twentieth century when they were first built. Gay realtor Orlando advises buyers to get a list of all the upgrades that have done since the house built. Be prepared to read some complicated history because many of these homes have had multiple owners in the last century.

If you are lucky you can find a home to buy that has the original woodwork and iron work from the era. It is well worth it for sellers of these homes to repair balustrades and fix up the hardwood finishes on some of the lovely work in these homes.

Finally, gay realtors Orlando want buyers to note that a genuine Spanish style home is rare and can be quite difficult to find. They are sought after, expensive homes so be prepared to lay out a lot of money to own one. You can find smaller examples of these grand homes in the suburbs or in subdivisions but they are usually reproductions of the much larger mission style mansions.

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