Gay Realtors Orlando Advice About Seller’s Remorse

On occasion gay realtors Orlando have encountered sellers who have a condition called “Seller’s Remorse.” Seller’s remorse is often the result of not being sure if putting up a house for sale is a good idea in the first place. Sellers that regret putting a home on the market may have also been out there looking at local properties and decided that their home is not such a bad place to live after all.

Gay realtors Orlando has also observed that some sellers were not serious in the first place and were simply going through the exercise of putting a house on the market to see how much it is worth. This of course is not the ideal client for gay realtors Orlando who may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars marketing the property to obtain a buyer for the home. Imagine the disappointment for any real estate agent when they discover that the seller of the house was just “testing the waters.”

Sometimes big turns in the market can cause seller’s remorse. A seller can panic and simply just decide that they will lose their shirt if they sell now, or won’t be able to find a replacement home. A home that has been listed for ages and that is not selling can also reverse an owner’s decision to keep trying to sell a house.

Yet another situation is the seller who knows that his area is in rapid development and is holding out for a really great offer. If this seller waits too long the result can be a developer that builds around him instead of buying his overpriced house. Then the seller regrets his actions because not only is the home now worth next to nothing because it is surrounded by asphalt and strip malls, it is also never going to sell.

Seller’s remorse wastes everyone’s time – the buyer’s, the selling and buyers agent’s and yours. It is a really good idea to sit down with your real estate agent and discuss why you want to sell and what can happen. You should also be quite decisive about what your plans are after you sell the house. Think about what you want and need and be very decisive about your need to sell.

It helps to ask yourself why you are motivated to sell in the first place. Are you going through a divorce?  Did an iron smelting plant open next door? Have you been transferred? You really need to ask yourself if you “really need to sell” before you make any decisions.

It also helps to make a list of pros and cons about the sale. How do you benefit if the house sells?  Are you put at any sort of a disadvantage if you are forced to buy a home now?

If you are worried about not being able to find a place to live, gay realtors Orlando recommend that you sign a contingent contract. This kind of contract does not obligate you to sell to a buyer right away. You are only obligated to sell the home after you have found a new place to live ~ a successful replacement within x amount of time.