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If you are looking for transition housing until you can buy a home of value in Florida then gay real estate Orlando recommends that you look into corporate relocation housing. These are rental housing developments that are much less expensive than staying in a hotel. These places are like homes that are meant for the long-term. However, what is nice about them is that many have the luxuries and amenities of a hotel or a resort.

Gay real estate Orlando recommends this type of housing for military types and executives in transition. They might be looking for a property in Florida or be relocated to the Orlando area for business. Gay real estate Orlando also recommends this type of housing for people who are opening a new business and are not exactly sure if they are going to be able to make a go of a business in the area.

This type of housing usually is listed under corporate housing on line and a reputable gay real estate agent who does rentals can help you locate a project with a good reputation in the area. The blessing of living in these places is that they offer you a much more practical living experience then a hotel or small villa. Most places will offer you a basic package that includes  a living room and bedroom set, dining set, a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and washer and dryer.  An amenity that all business people should look for when staying at one of these places is wireless internet. The very best of these temporary housing places will be wired throughout the grounds and in the common areas as well. This way you are always able to keep in touch using your smart phone or your computer.

All linen is usually included and so is maid service in such cases. Most of these corporate housing companies also offer a community pool and gym and common meeting rooms to do business. Many also have corner stores and small cafes or restaurants as part of their amenities. Some of the most sought after of these corporate housing rentals are located near one of Orlando’s many golf courses and small lakes. 

Some of these corporate rentals are like palaces. They can have high definition televisions with huge screens, twelve-foot ceilings and inbuilt fixtures and cabinetry. Many have elaborate landscaping and lots of art on the walls. Of course the more well appointed your corporate suite is, the more money you will likely end up paying for it.

Some places will also give you discounts at local restaurants and things that executive need like dry cleaning and computer services that are in the area.  The further away from the airport and the town center the cheaper and better appointed that you can expect some of these corporate villas and condos to be.

Gay real estate Orlando also recommends looking to see everything that a corporate housing company has to offer when you are relocating. That is because some of these companies want your business so bad that they will actually offer moving and packing services to help you relocate.

Of course your Orlando Gay Realtor will be happy to assist because they recognize this is just a temporary solution, once you get your feet on the ground they’ll be happy to help you search out the perfect home.

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