Gainesville, FL, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Gainesville Gay Neighborhoods

Home to the University of Florida, a low cost of living, and Gatorade, Gainesville, Florida, is certainly a popular place to live. It’s known for being a very affordable place, too, although property taxes are higher than normal. However, since other costs are lower, you’ll still actually save some money. The city has also heavily focused on solar power in the past few years, offering incentives to those homeowners who received some of their power from on-site solar energy.

Home to more than 127,000 residents, it’s inevitable that Gainesville would have an LGBT community. The Pride Community Center of North Central Florida is located here, as are a number of different LGBT-owned businesses. Gainesville has been ranked on lists of LGBT-friendly cities in Florida, so you have nothing to worry about if you’re moving here.

Properties in Gainesville are quite affordable. A small single-family home can be found for as little as $46,000, although some are priced at $5 million. Condos start at $35,000 and range up to $275,000.

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