Clearwater, Florida – Gay-Friendly Beach Living

Clearwater, Florida is home to a huge gay community that holds one of the biggest gay pride parades in the Southeast United States. The Clearwater area is completely gay friendly with several beautiful communities very nearby.  USAA has called this the very best beach town in Florida and it is the ideal place to invest in a condo, townhouse or a more vintage, historic cottage or year-round home.

The most stunning thing about the town is its natural beauty which is situated on a coastline, with miles of sugar white sand and crystal clear aquamarine waters.  The area is also very famous for its dolphins – both the ones that swim in pods through the nearby sparkling waters but also the fifty-six foot tall fiberglass dolphins that have been individually designed by local artists.  The town has many gleaming condos as well as a huge Marine Aquarium.  The waterfront park with a performance area for bands is located just across the bridge from Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater is a popular beach resort that consists of three miles of sand as white as powdered cleanser. This recreation area buzzes with activities year round with swimming, boating, volleyball, biking, blading and other amusements.  It is also famous for its Tiki-style beach bars, grills and half-mile boardwalk.

Many folks settle down in the community of Bellaire Beach, which is an upscale residential area set on a barrier island. There are many retirees in this LGBT friendly area which is near to boat ramps and the Causeway Beach area.

The artsy area of Dunedin is located just north of Clearwater and is a haven for artists and writers. It has many eclectic art galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques and incredible beaches.  The neighborhood boasts a firehouse turned into a gallery and the institute for Creative arts.  The homes in the area tend to be charming, rustic and older than in the other nearby beach communities.  The city is also known for its amazing fusion and seafood restaurants such as the The Black Pearl, Casa Tina and Café Alfresco.

This is an expensive area of the country to live in but it is hard to go wrong if you can afford it. It is like living in a glorious natural spa retreat year round.  Clearwater has many interesting characteristics. For instance, it is the epicenter of Florida’s booming craft beer cottage industry.  It is home to some of the state’s oldest breweries.  Grouper is plentiful in the area and the signature Grouper sandwich is served up at many small beachside restaurants in the area.   Clearwater is also a haven for fishermen of all kinds, whether you want to wade in the water and cast your line or sail out into the gulf and try your luck at deep sea fishing.

All of this area of Florida is quite LGBT-friendly and gay individuals are allowed to be “out” in public, however to find the best and most affordable housing for you, it is recommended that you enlist the services of a gay Clearwater realtor who knows the area well. To find out more about this gloriously beautiful part of the United States in general go to