New Haven, CT Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

New Haven Gay Neighborhoods

The cities in Connecticut are often overshadowed by their larger cousins, New York and Boston. However, Connecticut cities, such as New Haven, have some great things to offer any prospective homeowner. New Haven, along with the rest of Connecticut is diverse and open minded, both socially and politically. In fact, Connecticut has had same-sex marriage since 2008!

The real-estate market in New Haven is just as welcoming as its political climate. A simple search reveals dozens of homes under $200,000 that are simply gorgeous. There are also plenty of modestly priced rental properties for those of you who do not want to put down roots just yet. Of course, there are also some higher end houses too, which are actually cheap when you consider the location and space. The price of a 4-bedroom, 4 bath, 4,000-square foot home is around $1,100,000. Considering the fact that the same house would run over $2.3 million in NYC, it’s a steal!

New Haven Gay Realtors