Santa Rosa, CA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Santa Rosa Gay Neighborhoods

Surrounded by giant redwoods, beautiful vineyards, and near North Bay, Santa Rosa is a calm, relaxed city that provides something of an escape from the rush of Los Angeles or the bustle of San Francisco. It’s still quite large, of course, and is home to around 175,000 people. Despite that, many parts of the city don’t feel that large. It is technically considered a part of the Bay Area, even though it’s an hour’s drive to San Francisco.

Santa Rosa has been steadily grown over the years, but it hasn’t been without tragedy. The Tubbs Fire hit the city in 2017, burning down five percent of all of the houses in Santa Rosa. Neighborhoods such as Fountain Grove and Coffey Park were completely destroyed. Despite this, many people have returned and are working to rebuild.

If you visit Santa Rosa or decide to live here, you’ll want to visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum. It houses many of the illustrations and personal items of the cartoonish who created the Peanuts comic strip. Luther Burbank Home and Gardens and the Sonoma County Museum are also good places to check out.

While Santa Rosa does have several great LGBTQ nightclubs to visit, it doesn’t really have a centralized gay ghetto or neighborhood. You’ll feel at home just about anywhere here. Condo prices here start at $230,000 and top out at around $500,000. That’s very affordable when compared to San Francisco prices. Single-family homes range from $275,000 to $4 million.

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